My Pregnancy Journey.

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October 2016. The month I got pregnant- also a year from today!
I can’t believe that last year I was pregnant with my perfect baby boy and now he’s here with us and nearly 4 months old! As I have just started my blog recently, there is not any pregnancy related blog posts which go into detail about how I found the experience of being pregnant at 19/20 haha. So to celebrate the one year anniversary of me being pregnant, I’ve decided to write a blog post detailing my pregnancy from the moment I found out to when Conor arrived! Bump pics included. I’ll try and remember everything to the best of my ability.

How I found out:

I was sitting on the couch one morning in my mums house and I started to get really sore boobs- weird I know. I mentioned to my friends that I was feeling weird and having sore boobs but really thought nothing of it. The next day I decided to buy pregnancy tests but not to use that day but instead to keep for future emergencies. They came and my sister asked to use one and I said yes of course. She then told me to try one and I said no. I mean pregnancy tests aren’t cheap and I didn’t want to waste them. She accused me of hiding something so I peed and did the test to basically prove her wrong and it backfired 100% haha. I took two stick tests and they both came up positive. I didn’t believe it. I was adamant I had a urine infection or something and that’s what the test had been picking up. To make sure, I bought two Clearblue tests and took them and yep, I was pregnant! 

It is safe to say I was in shock. I was between 1 and 2 weeks pregnant. I instantly texted Jamie to pick me up so I could tell him. It took a while for both of us to process completely that we were going to be parents. And honestly, it was hard at the beginning. Knowing that we were so young, now with this massive responsibility and blessing. We both decided it was the right time for us and started counting down the days until we met our baby! 

Trimester 1:

The first trimester was horrible for me. I had constant morning sickness and migraines which kept returning daily. I never wanted to leave my bed as I would be sick instantly. The worst thing about pregnancy is that you cannot take any strong painkillers so literally every migraine I had was pain relief free and it was honestly HORRIBLE! 

One day I started getting a horrible migraine and I thought it to be just like any other. I had a hairdressers appointment that day and decided to stick my glasses on to hopefully fix the double vision I was experiencing. Unfortunately it didn’t help at all. I got into the hairdressers and things took a turn for the worse. My head was pounding and my whole left side of my body was tingling! I literally thought I was having a stroke. My words weren’t making sense and they were slurred and I kept having to go to the bathroom to be sick. I’m just so glad that my friend was there with me that day getting her hair done too because I was so unwell and disorientated. I got home and things got even worse. I couldn’t stop being sick for days and couldn’t eat or drink anything. A quick call to NHS 24 sent me to an out of hours doctors appointment. This doctor was horrible! He accused me of not being pregnant even though I was 11/12ish weeks along at this point- because I wasn’t showing, prescribed me with oral tablets which I couldn’t take because I was being violently sick and prescribed me medication I shouldn’t have been taking whilst pregnant as it could have hurt the baby! He was insanely rude. After that night I went to my GP first thing in the morning. I was hoping she would help with my sickness but instead she told my my body was starving and dehydrating and rushed me to hospital to be put on fluids. I was given an anti sickness jag and given three bags of fluids until I could eat again. 

Bump pic 1: My jeans starting to get tight.

My first scan was such an amazing experience. Seeing my baby for the first time was so emotional and life changing. Knowing that I was growing a little baby in my belly was so amazing and it got both me and Jamie so excited to be parents. 

Trimester 2: 

The main difficulty of this trimester was definitely managing university whilst being pregnant. The morning sickness was still a problem and the fatigue made it hard to concentrate in the early mornings in university. Despite this I managed to pass my 2nd year of university with all A’s and B’s whilst pregnant! And I’m quite proud of that. I was a little nervous to be at uni with a bunch of my non pregnant peers but I ended up getting used to it. I had a really small bump so I don’t think many people knew unless they had me on Facebook and read about my pregnancy from there. 

Bump pic 2:

Bump pic 3: 

Finding out the gender of my little one was so exciting! Both me and Jamie decided to go to a private clinic to find out earlier as we couldn’t wait any longer. We decided that if the baby was a girl I got to pick her name and if he was a boy he got to choose. 

Within minutes we were told that we were expecting a gorgeous baby boy! And now he had a name. Conor David. 

My bump was starting to grow bigger and bigger..

Bump pic 4:

Bump pic 5:

My 20 week scan day came up and I was so excited. Everything went well and he was perfectly healthy. Was such a weight off of my shoulders. 

Trimester 3:

This was definitely the easiest trimester but also the scariest. As time got closer I started to get a little nervous about giving birth. I didn’t have university to worry about and my morning sickness had disappeared thankfully. 

I had always been a petite girl height wise and being pregnant, my bump was just growing in proportion with me which -according to the midwives- was too small. As you’ll see from my bump pictures I never really got huge and I was only induced a week before he was due. I was revered for more growth scans to make sure baby was growing correctly and that he was getting all the food he needed when in my belly. 

Bump pic 6: 

Bump pic 7:

Bump pic 8: The biggest I got !!

Because I didn’t get too big I fortunately didn’t get any stretch marks!! Except 1 or 2 on my butt which I don’t mind. 

Overall my pregnancy journey was tough and enlightening but I would do it one hundred times over again for Conor! 

Being a student mum.

After being back at University for a full month now I can easily say that I am exhausted! Battling with a teething 15 week old baby boy and trying to keep up to date with reading, reports and deadlines etc is hard work but so rewarding. 

I am currently a full time student, in my third year at university studying BA Business Studies. I love my course so much- despite it being quite difficult. Luckily, my course only has me in on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning so finding childcare is easy enough and I’m not missing out on too much of Conor’s day which is fab too!

One main fear I had about going back to uni was knowing that I’ll have less time with Conor. I felt selfish and inconsiderate not deferring for a year. I kept asking myself, am I ready to go back? Will I be able to handle it? Am I a bad mum? I constantly argued with myself to the point I just decided that if I didn’t go right back into my studies then I couldn’t see myself going back at all -which was a scary thought after all the hard work I’ve done to get to this point. It was a hard decision but I know in the future it’ll be so worth all the early mornings and tired eyes when I have a degree and a decent job which I’ll be interested in.

Although being a full time mum and student is tiring and stressful, there are a couple of things that I’ve discovered over the past month that have made it a little easier. E.g;

Organisation is so important!

Being able to keep on top of all my important deadlines and exam dates whilst also factoring in Heath visitor appointments and jags etc for Conor is hard! Having a diary is useful, that way I know not to clash dates/times. When I get an appointment through for me or Conor I know to put it straight into my diary just so I know that I definitely have nothing else on that day. If I have an appointment that does clash with something else in my diary I ALWAYS phone up to change the app
I am so so SO lucky to have the support that I do. When Jamie comes in from work he’ll spend time with Conor which gives me a few hours to get all my uni stuff sorted for the next day and do some studying and report writing too. 
Being calm and composed is also incredibly important. So many times I’ve let myself get so worked up about having uncompleted uni work and constantly thinking about deadlines coming up when I should just relax! It always gets finished in the end despite how much or little I stress. Especially now I have Conor, I realise that although my exams are important, there is more to life that being consumed with so much worry it makes me sick.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Wether that is with uni work or even asking someone to watch baby bop for a few hours while you get stuff done! This is something I learned the hard way. I always felt so guilty leaving Conor -still do sometimes- so purposely asking someone to watch him when I do something for myself literally made my skin crawl haha! I was constantly reassured that asking for help is fine! And I’m so glad that I have Jamie to help when he can too.

Most importantly.. try and rest! It’s hard to get a full nights sleep when you have a baby but trying to rest when you can is important for learning. I wouldn’t recommend all-nighters as they don’t work for me personally. “Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop.” – Ovid

I’m so grateful that I have such a supportive environment which encourages me to get back to my studies -even though sometimes I doubt myself. I’m also grateful to be able to get back into my education this quick as I know many mamas don’t have the support or finances to be able to return so soon.

So far I’m enjoying uni! 1 year until my degree and hopefully I’ll get to graduation 👩‍🎓 and make my little family proud xx

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Thanks for reading! 😽