Conor David’s Christening Day! ⛪️💞

This is just a little blog post to share some gorgeous photos of my little boy on his special day! 

Conor David Jenkins was christened on the 30th September 2017 at St Patrick’s Church by Fr. John Morrison. He was such a great boy during the whole baptism and never cried once! He just goo goo and gaga’d at the priest and stared at him in complete awe.

The whole day was absolutely fab and it felt brill to get all dolled up to look nice for his special day. Everyone was dressed so smartly and looked gorgeous. 

After the christening we went to a nearby hall for food and drinks and CAKE!! 

After such a lovely day it was brill just to sit and have a few *alcoholic😜* drinks with the girls and boys and catch up! 

We were so grateful to spend the day with such a fab bunch of people who love and support us and who also love Conor to bits! I also am so thankful for all the gifts that Conor received! What a spoiled boy I have😽!! 

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