Conor’s 3 Month Update!

I can’t believe I’m actually writing this blog post right now! Where has my little 6lbs 8oz newborn baby boy gone to ☹️!! I now have a THREE month old😱!


Grabbing & using his rattle!

Big giggles & laughs

First real smiles

Rolling onto his side

“Talking Back”
Growth & Development:

Conor is growing so well! He’s getting bigger and bigger just like he should. He won’t be weighed again until his 4 month check with the health visitor but I might take him to the baby clinic just to know exactly what he is, although I’m not worried.

He’s such a tall baby!! I honestly can’t believe the length of him sometimes. We’ve had to move him into his cot so early because he grew out of his Moses basket and he’s just about out of his carry cot for his pram! Ahhhh!! Can’t believe how fast he’s growing ☹️ where has my newborn baby went to?

He’s just learned how to roll onto his side and he keeps doing it now. Every time you lay him on his mat he pulls his little legs up and rolls onto his side haha.


Conor’s personality is starting to develop and come through a lot more so we can tell already that he is so funny and giggly. He loves his bath and tries to wiggle out of it so much that we thought we would take him swimming to see if he would like that too and he LOVED IT! So he loves swimming too. Hoping to take him weekly as he enjoys it so much and start getting him into lessons when he’s old enough.

He likes watching CBeebies in the morning and his favourite programmes are Something Special, Small Potatoes, Go Jetters and Twirlywoos. He only really likes the intro music really and dances along with it haha. 

He likes his cot mobile and hitting them when they spin round haha!

He likes his gym mat and trying to roll over!

He likes being sung to and being read stories to and he likes answering you back -just like his dad.

He likes sooking his fists at the moment because he’s teething.

He likes pulling hair.

He likes when you make funny faces and he copies them back.

When cats come on the tv.

Having one sock or mitten on.

His saline drops.

When his bottle is finished.
Difficulties this month:

Mucus (as per usual🙄). His mucus problem has gotten better and he’s slept through the night a good few times without waking up all stuffy. But it’s still there ☹️. I’ve just been clearing out his little nose and giving him his saline drops before every feed and HOPING it works that night. Hopefully it completely clears soon!

Constipation. Conor got really constipated after being prescribed Infacol to deal with his vomiting. He never pooed for quite a while and his wee tummy was rock solid! I massaged his wee belly and did the bike trick with his legs and the poo seemed to pass with time. (Smelliest one to date 🤢)!

Teething. Conor’s in the early stages of teething right now so he’s constantly got his hands in his mouth. His mits and sleeves are constantly soaking and all the fluff seems to come off on his little hands a lot so we’ve been making sure to top and tail him a lot more often as we’re not wanting him to eat his dirty hands.

Despite the difficulties this month, Conor is such a great baby! He’s developing brilliantly and I can’t wait to see how he’ll be next month!!

5 thoughts on “Conor’s 3 Month Update!

  1. Aww, he is SO cute!! And I love the format you use for this kind of post (milestones, likes/dislikes, etc.) Thanks for the idea, I may use it when my little one arrives! 🙂

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