Labour & Delivery Story!πŸ’‹


This post will detail MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE of labour. I’m not writing this to scare mummies-to-be or make anyone more anxious than they already are because I know how bad that feeling is. I have decided to share my labour and delivery story to anyone who really wants to listen and because I’m proud of myself for actually giving birth!

During my pregnancy I was never really nervous about giving birth. Actually, I was rather excited to see how well I’d cope and how it would go. But as the days got on and my due date got closer the nerves started kicking in. Every twinge and cramp I felt in my stomach made my heart stop. Was this it? Is he coming now? Am I ready? This made my anxiety kick in which didn’t make my last few weeks of pregnancy as enjoyable as I would have liked it to be.Β Throughout my pregnancy, baby had been measuring small. I put this down to my small frame but as I wasn’t following the correct growth curve I was asked back for further scans and checks to make sure baby was growing properly.

A week before my due date I was asked back for a growth scan. With baby still not following the growth curve, the doctor advised that being induced would be best to make sure that baby was nice and healthy. So I was given a sweep and scheduled for an induction that weekend.

From that moment on, my anxiety about giving birth increased. I couldn’t sleep which made my nervousness even worse.


I was scheduled to be admitted into the ward at 2pm. When we arrived at the hospital I was given a bed and baby boy was monitored for an hour. After this, I was examined and was told I was 1cm dilated. The nurse inserted the first dose of oxytocin and I began to wait for my contractions to start. As night progressed, my partner left as visiting times had finished. I hated being myself in the hospital especially being in a room with people I didn’t know. I felt alone and helpless. I was examined again 6 hours later and I was still 1cm dialated. At this point, I was beginning to get small contractions but it was nothing that really bothered me much. I was deflated. I was alone and just wanted my baby here so I could go home. My partner arrived the next day which calmed me down a lot. He brought a load of snacks and sandwiches to keep my energy up. I was examined again, and STILL! I was 1cm dilated !! I was so exhausted and furious at this point I just wanted to cry. I was then given another dose of oxytocin to move things along. I’m just so grateful I had my partner there for support as I was seriously feeling so deflated. Another 6 hours passed and within this time my contractions started becoming more strong. I was getting very strong contractions every minute and it all started to hit me at once. I was examined again and was informed that I was now 2cm dilated and could now be escorted to the labour ward which meant I could have access to PAIN RELIEF! An excited me started to pack up all my things and get myself all ready to be moved downstairs. However a few hours passed and I was still in the same room waiting to be moved. The contractions were becoming unbearable and I had no access to pain relief at all. Finally I was moved downstairs and was given gas and air. The midwives started to explain the process of breaking my waters and how the contractions will only get worse from then on so I decided to have an epidural. It took another hour to have my waters broken as another woman in labour was rushed to theatre. And until then I still only had gas and air as pain relief. The midwife broke my waters and then explained the process of receiving the epidural and detailed the side effects and things that could go wrong. Receiving the epidural was one of the hardest things I have ever done. When the needle is being inserted you have to stay completely still but at the same time I started getting an extremely painful contraction. It was so difficult trying not to move and scream in pain! As soon as the epidural was inserted I felt instant relief, however, it only worked fully on one side of my body so I had to lie on my right side to help distribute the medication.

A little while passed, and I started to feel a lot of pressure. The midwives dismissed it at first as I had only been checked to be 2cm dialated an hour previously. However I insisted and they checked and I was 10cm!! My partner was in the toilet and when he came back into the room my legs were up in the stirrups and I was pushing hahahah! As I was pushing the midwife noticed that my baby boys heart rate was dropping through contractions and found out that he was facing the wrong way. We decided to get a doctor and push whist the doctor twisted to see if that would work but unfortunately that didn’t help.

All of a sudden, I was taken away to theatre for a forceps delivery. Two pushes and the love of my life had arrived!

Meet Conor David πŸ’™

Born 25th of June 2017 at 21:04, weighing 6lbs 8oz. The image of his daddy.

“A baby is born with a need to be loved – and never outgrows it.” Frank A. Clark

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